Story of Sanfong

Where It All Began

Chuan runs his own engineering company with successful cases all over Taiwan; Fong has been a master chef of catering companies for years, with mastery over the culinary art of traditional Taiwanese dishes. It was a happenstance when these two both hailing from Chang Hua met, and Fong accepted Chuan’s invitation to join his roaming crews and became the long-term exclusive caterer for the entire company.

With dishes made of fresh ingredients and prepared by master chef, Chuan’s crew had enjoyed a culinary bliss. With full belly and great mood from having savory meals, the entire company outperformed themselves time and again, and earned high praises from the employers.

Hoping to spread the joy of great traditional taste beyond Chuan’s employees, a new restaurant, Sunfong Braised Pork, was opened in the Tucheng District of New Taipei City in 2015. The establishment serves what Fong knows best – traditional Taiwanese cuisines, with Chuan and Fong set out to introduce the mouthwatering Chang Hua flavor to the people of the northern Taiwan.


Great dishes must taste good, healthy and good for customers.

Prepared daily using fresh pork and in-season vegetables, slowly stewed in the secret sauce, the resulting dishes in Chang Hua flavor are moist yet not greasy. Fong’s years of experience as a master chef, demands that he pays particularly attention to finest details in the quality of the dishes he prepares. The unsuitable ingredients or those not meeting the freshness standard are immediately thrown out; and any dish that is flawed will not be served either. The dishes served to customers are all made fresh daily in the restaurant, so supplies are limited while they last, and leftovers from the previous day will never be served. Every dish is prepared from scratch, to ensure it meets the standard of food safety, quality and flavor.

Traditional Taste of Chang Hua

What makes Chang Hua style braised pork tastes so good is that the pork is immersed in flavors yet not overly salty. It is always prepared using pork with the right mix of meat and fat, while attached to the chewy pork rind. When cooked properly, the entire pork slice looks caramel in color, while the fatty layer looks almost crystalline. The secret sauce brings both strong aroma and flavor to the taste, with a hint of sweetness in aftertaste. As a master chef in catering business, Chef Fong knows how to tweak the flavor to suit the local taste better. For instance, the dishes currently being served in Sunfong has been prepared with lower fat and reduced salt, so the dishes still keep the great taste of traditional style, while satisfying the nutritional preferences of the modern health-conscious clientele in northern Taiwan.