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  • Braised Pork with Rice
    Braised Pork with Rice

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Pork Chop with Rice 60 Pork Chop with Rice Bento Box 80
Pork Knuckle with Rice Stewed using the Chang Hua traditional flavored secret sauce until the pork rind on the outside sparkled in caramel color, and the pork gelatin inside becomes gooey and chewy. Nothing beats the combination of pork knuckle served with steamed rice. 60 Pork Knuckle with Rice Bento Box 80
Braised Pork with Rice Braised pork is the signature dish of Sunfong. It is prepared using the traditional Chang Hua recipe, so the pork is full of flavor but not salty; it retains moisture without becoming greasy. The caramel-color shine and aromatic sweet taste of the secret sauce, combined with proprietary sauerkraut entice you to enjoy this must-order mouthwatering dish. 60 Braised Pork with Rice Bento Box 80
Soy-stewed Pork over Rice There is no dish simpler than the soy-stewed pork over rice, but it is no simple matter to prepare it well. The mince pork must be of the right mix of meat and fat, so the flavor would come naturally together when served with the secret sauce and the sauerkraut. Each small bite embodies the perfect mix of sweetness, sourness and saltiness all rolled into one. You cannot help but order a second helping, or even a third. 30 Soy-stewed Pork over Rice Bento Box 60
Miso Soup 30 Meat Ball and Radish Soup Handmade meatball, with radish cut to the perfect size, swim together in the homemade broth that takes hours to simmer. When sprinkled with cilantro that exudes the smell of freshness, it is th perfect companion to the pork dishes. 30
Soups with Bits of Everything 30
Pork Knuckle 50 Braised Pork 50
Pork Chop 50 Braised Chinese Cabbage There is the sweetness of fresh Chinese cabbage at the bottom; and then there is the aromatic soy-stewed minced pork on top; both are then sprinkled with tiny bits of dried shelled shrimp. Braised Chinese cabbage simply melts in your mouth. Its taste is light yet flavorful, therefore it is served as a perfect side dish. 30
Sliced Bamboo Shoot Crunchy without being chewy, and sweetness hidden behind the sourness of homemade sauerkraut. Who knew that the simple dish of sliced bamboo shoot can produce so many layers of texture and flavors? 30 Bean Curd Wheel Every bean curd wheel takes a dark brown shine because it has thoroughly, unapologetically absorbed every drop of the secret sauce that it was cooked in. So each bite fills your mouth up with the warm, sweet secret sauce. Bean curd wheel is a dish best suited to guests who enjoy stronger tastes in life. 20
Braised Tofu 20 Juicy Fried Egg The fried yolk comes sizzling, and the combined aroma of the egg and the secret sauce sauce is heavenly. Takes a bite and the warm sauce rushes out into your month. Juicy fried egg is chewy without and soft within, and the unimaginably unique complex texture and flavor is indescribable. 15
Steamed Rice 15