Business Incubation
Government Grants & Subsides Application | Business Loans

What entrepreneurs most often lack is funding and talents, and Startup Plus Inc. has the most effective platform to make matches and fulfill these needs.

Startup Plus Inc. provides the following business incubation services:

  • Raise capital for entrepreneurs (consultations on government loans and grants): provide information with regarding to various government financial aid and grant programs on innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Raise capital for entrepreneurs (consultations on banking businesses): offer consultations with regarding to credit lines, business checking accounts, domestic and international banking accounts;
  • Network with the right people (professional symposiums, event information gathering and sharing): invite area experts to hold symposiums, on various topics such as big data, Facebook marketing, finance, taxation, and legal trends, so entrepreneurs can stay informed and stay ahead of the curve;
  • Connect with talents (human resources and recruitment): post the wanted ads on behalf of entrepreneurs and setup the interviews

Office Leasing
Taipei City: Da’an District | Zhongzheng District | Zhongshan District | Shilin District
New Taipei City: Xindian District

Startup Plus Inc. provides the following office Leasing services:

We offer 9 office locations in various districts of Taipei City or New Taipei City, all of them near MRT stations. The independent office spaces available are of various sizes between 1 to 15 seats, with 24-hr access and completely separated from neighboring companies.
Our offices also come with 24-7 security monitoring, keycard access, fiber network, reception areas, conference room, personal email and onsite manager signing for received packages.

Accounting Services
Business Registration | Bookkeeping
Certification of Business Tax | Certification of Finance

Startup Plus Inc., in collaboration with Xinyi Accounting Firm, provides the following accounting services

  • business registration: provide the service to apply for the new and modified business registrations, as well as the import/export licenses
  • bookkeeping service: prepare and file the sales taxes, the business taxes, the income taxes on entrepreneurs’ behalf
  • financial consultation: provide consultations on cash flow management, financial planning and fund dispatching
  • accounting consultation: provide consultations on tax planning, financial reports and bookkeeping preparation
  • Certification of Business Tax and Certification of Finance: provide verification and certification of various financial reports