Starting with a dream, entrepreneurs are willing to strive and fight to bring this dream to reality. They are willing to give up stable salaries and positions, to sacrifice their own time and intellect, and to put their own talents, connection and resources all in, just for a chance to realize their goals. However, the path of entrepreneurship is seldom easy. Whether it’s to raise the capital, find a suitable location, recruit talents, design and manufacture products, or expand customer base, each step along the way presents a different set of challenges.

Startup Plus Inc. vows to be the best help for entrepreneurs, and to watch their backs. As a business incubation center, we have built a strong professional entrepreneurship consulting team, and joined forces with Xinyi Accounting Firm and Hongchung Law Office, to provide a one-stop-shopping experience to serve various needs of entrepreneurs, including accounting, finance, legal, capital, marketing and office Leasing services. We provide these services under one roof, so entrepreneurs can focus on developing the core business and competency of the new company without having to waste time on these other considerations.

Our years of experience give us a deep insight into the inner workings and mechanisms in encouraging innovations and entrepreneurships at various levels of local and central governments. The entrepreneur partners we have collaborated over the years have also been very generous to share, so newcomers can learn from their experience and minimize missteps. We organize and held talks on a diverse range of professional topics, including finance, tax, and legal manners, so entrepreneurs can be aware when planning for the key aspects of their future directions. Our broad range of services allow startups to be up and running quickly, while reducing the up-front expenses. At Startup Plus, we put ourselves in entrepreneurs’ shoes, and plan for and provide for each step along the way, so the path of entrepreneurship would be easier and less daunting.